• Core Beliefs

    In early childhood you adopt the beliefs of influential people in your life (parents, siblings, peers, teachers). Beliefs are also formed by the meanings you associated to early childhood experiences. When there is trauma, negative core beliefs are adopted. These beliefs then influence negative thinking patterns.

  • Negative Thinking Patterns

    Thinking itself is a habit. The same negative self talk you had yesterday is the same negative self talk to had last month. Negative thoughts rooted in negative core beliefs lead to undesirable feelings of anxiety, stress and more. To alleviate these feelings, you may find yourself engaging in harmful behaviors including substance abuse, which may lead to addiction.

  • MindSET for Recovery

    Eliminating the negative coping behaviors doesn't equate to healthy self-worth. In fact, once you get into recovery you have to deal with the negative thoughts and feelings that lead to the behavior. This course will teach you how to make fundamental shifts to your mindset so you thrive.


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    Negative Thinking Patterns

    • Identifying Your Personal Negative Thought Patterns
    • What Is A Neural Pathway & Why It's Important To Understand?
    • How Gain Leverage Over Your Minds Perceived Fear of Change
  • 3

    Building Solid Self Esteem

    • Shifting Your Mindset
    • The Core Work
    • What Is Cluster Thinking & How Do You Dismantle It!
    • Creating Impactful Bridging Statements
    • Using Your Peak Performance Time
  • 4

    Creating Unstoppable Confidence

    • Make Clear The Vision
    • How To Position Yourself For Power
    • Minimizing Distractons
    • Generating Momentum
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    Course Completion

  • 6

    Bonus Course

    • Worksheet
    • 6 Intellectual Faculties
    • Goal Review
    • What Went Wrong?
    • Identifying The Faculty
    • Your Area Of Focus
    • Strengthening Intellectual Faculties

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DaMarcus Morton

DaMarcus Morton

is a certified Recovery Coach and Workshop Facilitator. He's worked with individuals/families, celebrities and treatment centers (non profit and private). Unlike many of his colleagues, DaMarcus didn’t enter college expecting to work in Social Services & Mental Health. He studied Criminal Justice/Sociology at the University of Akron because recognizing patterns and solving problems came easy to him. He figured detective work was his path. That changed while was working as a Resident Supervisor at The Oriana House, a youth drug offender program. DaMarcus found passion in being of service and it changed the trajectory of his life. The day after college graduation, DaMarcus moved to Seattle where he began working in family reunification with DCFS. Later he joined a team of Attorneys and Coaches to develop an alternative sentencing program for King County’s Juvenile Public Defender’s Office. With a heightened awareness for recognizing patterns, DaMarcus noticed substance abuse was a common theme with the clients he served. He began to learn more about addiction; It impacted his life and shifted his focus. DaMarcus got involved with the Law & Ethics Training Advisory Board for Mental Health/Chemical Dependency Professionals. In addition, he's been involved with the Department of Social and Health Services training in the Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse. After 5 years in Seattle, DaMarcus decided to move to Los Angeles to further his career in addiction and recovery. In Los Angeles, DaMarcus studied addiction at Pierce College and started counseling in treatment and Drug Court. After 8 years of counseling, DaMarcus got certified as a Recovery Coach and made the leap into independent recovery coaching and program development. In addition to direct client care, he created program structure for Treatment Programs, After-Care Programs and Supportive Living Environments. He has even consulted on NIDA funded projects with the prestigious Rand Corporation. DaMarcus is now sharing his proven strategies for creating lasting change online. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, friends and hanging out with his dog Gracey.

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